How the Tata T1 Prima TRC is an all-round Epic Win


With the launch of world class platform of Prima trucks, Tata Motors in 2014 started an annual initiative of T1 Prima Racing in 2014 at Buddh International Circuit( a circuit used for Formula 1 racing) in India.

Below is an excerpt from The Hindu Business Line’s interview with Mr Ravi Pisharody, Executive Director, Com-mercial Vehicles, Tata Motors:
“This edition will have truck racers from Europe participating in addition to the traditional British lineup. It is also for the first time that there will be a woman racer, Stephanie Halm of Germany, competing in an all-male bastion. In addition, it is the second year where there will be Indian drivers racing on the track too. “Many of them have seen the success of 12 of their colleagues racing last year. We have now expanded the net to get more entries from the south, west and east,” said Mr Pisharody.
The Indian drivers went through the training program at the Sriperumbudur race track near Chennai to get used to the idea of han-dling a 400 bhp Prima at high speeds.
“Last year we were not sure about the Indian racers, so we brought them into two groups of six each. Now we are go-ing to give them exclu-sively a full race. From our point of view, it is about creating self-esteem for the driver community that we cannot measure in number of trucks sold,” added Mr Pisharody.”
Tata Motors has developed its most powerful truck ever which will be on display at the Buddh International Circuit near Delhi this week.
“The 1000 bhp Prima will be a showpiece during the T1 Prima Truck Racing Cham-pionship. If all goes well, it will be the vehicle which we can sell abroad. I will leave it at that,” said Mr Ravi Pisharody”